Storage Solutions


Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams, and you can’t bring yourself to throw away any of your much loved clothing items? At A&L Custom Cabinets we build custom designed, quality wardrobe and storage cabinets to create more space for your items to be stored and organised neatly and efficiently. We come to you and assess your needs, before creating customised built in wardrobes and shelving, complete with everything you need. Whether you want more hanging space, drawers, belt hangers or custom doors added, we have a variety of different materials for you to choose from including frosted or painted glass, mirrors or vinyl.

Laundry Storage

One of the most commonly requested renovations we do for people is creating more storage space in their laundry. The laundry room is often a place in the house where there is limited storage, while often there is a lot of ‘stuff’ loitering around, looking untidy and needing somewhere to live. At A&L Custom Cabinets we enjoy putting our innovative ideas team into planning and producing solutions to make your laundry room more organised and usable. It could be as simple as adding an extra cupboard or shelf, or perhaps an overhaul the laundry to transform it into a sleek, clean looking room with everything packed away out of sight – our experienced team can make it happen.


At A&L we build custom designed quality cupboards to suit any space or area, for both inside and outside your home. If your cupboards are looking tired and worn, the solution could be as simple as refurbishing the existing cupboards with a new skin that compliments the décor of your home. We also build and install newly custom designed cupboards, as well as furniture, using a variety of different materials from reclaimed wood to laminate, according to your specifications. Our team can come up with the perfect personalised storage solution for you.