Hervey Bay Services

Over 25 Years of Experience in Creating Custom Kitchens and Cabinets in Hervey Bay

If you are considering renovating your kitchen or installing new cabinets in any room of your home, A&L Custom Cabinets should be the first company you call.

We have been creating custom kitchens in Bundaberg and custom cabinets in Hervey Bay and Maryborough areas for over 25 years. During this time we have learned a thing or two about the functionality and performance of both kitchens and cabinets in that time.

We are specialists in finding both the most aesthetically pleasing and the most functional solution for every kitchen renovation and cabinet making project we do.

Planning Your Kitchen Project

We work with you to come up with a list of your wants and needs and then transform your requirements into a workable and trendy solution that will satisfy your whole family and stay well within your budget. The planning stage of a kitchen renovation or cabinet design, build and install is something we take very seriously.

We’ll take into consideration the traffic patterns and daily usage of your home to reach workable and logical solutions, from the direction a cabinet door opens to whether a drawer pull is likely to hook up on anything. We take time considering the durability and scuff and stain resistance of the materials we use in the construction of your project.

Once we’ve reached a consensus on the design and materials of your project, we will create a construction and installation plan that suits your daily schedule and keeps any inconvenience in your home down to the absolute minimum.

Our Cabinets Use Finest Materials and Workmanship

We are able to offer a wide variety of quality materials to use in creating your kitchen and cabinet finishes. The materials range from domestic and exotic timbers, to laminates in a rainbow of colours to a variety of metal and metallic finishes.

For benchtops we can provide materials ranging from granite, stone and ceramic surfaces to man-made surfaces designed to last for years.

We offer tips on the most scuff and stain resistant finishes and colours for Hervey Bay families that are active and busy and where toughness and durability is the most important priority of all.

Our level of workmanship is a source of pride for us. It is what we have built our company’s reputation on and we are happy to share our portfolio of past projects to show you the high-quality workmanship of both our kitchens and cabinets.

If you are resident of Hervey Bay, Bundaberg or Maryborough surrounding areas who is seriously considering having your kitchen renovated or the storage capacity in your home dramatically increased, contact us and we’ll come around to discuss your upcoming project with you. We look forward to the opportunity to take a walk around your house to discuss the requirements of the project and provide practical ideas for you to consider.