Innovative Renovation Ideas

Innovative Renovation Ideas

For many of us when it comes to hoarding our belongings there are often items that we don’t use every day, but we want to keep them for later use. This often poses the problem of having too much ‘stuff’ and not enough storage space to put it in. Due to the increase in population, most of the houses that are built today are a lot smaller than they were in the past, so we need to employ creative thinking to find ways of utilising the space that we have. With innovative ideas and clever cabinet making, creative teams such as A&L Custom Cabinets can turn your wildest storage ideas into a reality.

Bookshelves Under the Stairs

For those bookworms among us, it is challenging to put a good book down, and even harder to let it go once we have finished reading it, so we often hold on to our books to read later. Finding storage space for all our books can be a struggle, which can lead to our houses looking cluttered and messy. One innovative way of storing books is by building custom shelving under the stairs, which utilises the dead space, while keeping the rest of the house uncluttered. The shelving cabinets can be designed on rollers so they can be pulled out to view the contents and pushed back away out of sight while not being used.

More Kitchen Space with Backboard Drawers

Kitchens are often a place where we have an abundance of utensils, containers and other small items that can take up a lot of space. At A&L Custom Cabinets we can create more kitchen space for you by building drawers into the backboard at floor level, to store items that can be tucked away and pulled out as needed.

Fold Away Guest Bed

The tiny houses movement that has taken the world by storm is perfect for couples or singles who enjoy having their own little space to live in, but when guests stop by for a night there often doesn’t seem to be enough room. An innovative idea for getting around this is to create a fold away guest bed under an elevated floor area that can be rolled out to accommodate guests, and pushed back in when they leave.